Help your organization identify and train employees with an aptitude for management with ICPM's management development programs.

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ICPM's Value Proposition

If you are a corporate employer looking to identify employees with an aptitude for management, or you need to fast track a group of new managers to acquire fundamental management skills, or you are seeking to achieve the full potential of your current management staff, the Institute of Certified Professional Managers (ICPM) can facilitate your needs with a program of management development that is based on industry practice and includes everything you need to begin delivery right away.

ICPM is a Trusted Corporate Partner

The Institute of Certified Professional Managers invites you to join the ranks of other corporate employers -- such as General Dynamics, Gulfstream, the US Department of Energy, Trinity Consultants, MidSouth Bank, Emergicare and Johns Hopkins University, who have entrusted the development of their managers and leaders to ICPM.

These employers recognize ICPM's internationally renowned certificate and management certification programs as a reliable way to identify and qualify employees for hire and advancement. They know their managers will be able to lead effectively in today's rapidly changing workplace because they possess:

  • the knowledge, skills and abilities for competent performance,
  • the confidence to manage responsibly and ethically on-the-job,
  • qualification to an industry standard of management practice,
  • the "CM" professional credential that signifies professional credibility, and
  • the backing of an organization that values quality management practice.

Corporate Graphic How Does ICPM Develop Managers and Leaders?

Whether building your management pipeline or planning for succession, ICPM's management programs focus on developing core competencies for high performance in today's workplace. The Certified Supervisor (CS) certification program develops fundamental knowledge and skills of entry level managers and supervisors, and the Certified Manager® (CM®) certification validates that managerial competency and leadership potential of mid-level managers.

These programs are based on an extensive global-practice analysis that incorporates input from subject matter experts, focus groups and surveys thousands of active management practitioners to identify the knowledge, skills, and abilities managers need to perform competently on-the-job. By developing competencies and validating them through assessment, ICPM has become a leader in advancing managerial excellence worldwide.

How Do Corporate Entities Get Started with ICPM?

It's easy to get started with ICPM's comprehensive program packages. You'll receive everything you need to deliver in-house programs in self-study or instructor-led formats. Participants receive one or more custom published study manuals, access to ICPM's multi-media e-learning center of learning resources, and assessment exams. Instructors receive leaders' guides, videos, PowerPoint slides and quizzes.

Flexible formats allow ICPM's programs to be delivered as training (without assessments) or as competency validation (with assessments) that leads to credentialing. Volume discounts are available for enrollments of 50 or more participants.

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"During my participation in the Certified Management program, I felt empowered to make positive changes in my career. The program was supported with excellent training material that provided an opportunity for me to enhance my management skills. As a result of the Certification Program, I have excelled in my current role and gained respect from the leader of the organization. "
Monique Easley, CM - Mortgage Loan Originator, Star One Credit Union, Sunnyvale, CA
"As a result of the CM certification, I am able to leverage a new-found arsenal of management skills, knowledge and perspectives to enhance my performance in a newly acquired leadership role."
Alex Rodriquez, CM - , Lockheed Martin, Manassas, VA
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A certification program designed for entry level managers to succeed in their first management role.

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