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Foundations of Management

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The Foundations of Management program provides the essential tools for supervising in today's workpalce, by introducing basic business concepts to establish a foundation for advancement in the management profession.

The program begins with basic managerial functions--planning, organizing, leading and controlling, the program explores the roles of a supervisory managers and establishes a firm foundation for sound decision making, problem solving, communicating, leading teams, and more.

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Chapter 01

The Manager's Role in the Workplace


This module serves as an introduction into the field of management. The module helps to define the roles of managers and explains the management process.

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What is Management and Who are Managers?

Managers are individuals who plan, organize, direct, and control the work of others in an organization. Managers direct and guide the work of others.


Management Process

The management process consists of planning, organizing, staffing, leading and controlling. It is one of the key processes fulfilled by managers.


Managerial Levels

An organization's hierarchy is typically made up of four main levels, which includes executives, middle managers, supervisory managers, and nonmanagerial employees.

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