Foundations of Management

The Foundations of Management program provides the essential tools for supervising in today's workplace, by introducing basic business concepts to establish a foundation for advancement in the management profession.

The Foundations of Management course contains the following modules:

The Supervisory Manager's Role in the Workplace

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This chapter serves as an introduction into the field of management. The module helps to define the roles of managers and explains the management process.

Discovering the Leader Within You

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This chapter helps applicants to comprehend the differences between managers and leaders within organizations.

Developing Effective Communication Skills

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This chapter focuses on building effective communication skills so that managers are not only better capable to deal with employees, but customers as well.

Solving Problems and Making Ethical Decisions

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This chapter assists applicants in building efficient problem solving skills, and helps to indentify ethical issues that may arise on a daily basis.

Delivering First Rate Customer Service

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This chapter provides the foundation for proper customer service when dealing with both internal and external customers.

Planning for Goal Achievement

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This chapter demonstrates the benefits of planning, and helps applicants recognize how proper planning can lead to goal achievement.

Organizing Work, Relationships and Teams

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This chapter illustrates the importance of organization with an work environment. It also explains the benefits of working within teams.

Staffing, Training and Appraising Employees

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This chapter focuses human resources in business, and how it pertains to hiring and training new employees.

Leading and Motivating People

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This chapter explains the differences between leading and leadership. The module also identifies source of power and influence available to managers..

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